Trump’s Wall: a good idea – the crowdfunding option

Dear All Who Genuinely Want To See the Great Protestant Pres. Trump build a suitable wall against all the Central and South American Catholics who want to enter the US legally or illegally.

But Pres Trump, an enthusiastic tweeter surely, has no real problem with US Congress or US House of Reps or any such with a budget for building his wall? Surely not, surely, all Pres. Trump needs to do here is go to Internet-based crowdfunding for his wall.

Not a problem, don’t even think abut it!

Will US voterdom let him down? Never! So let’s see it then, US voter solidarity writ financial, writ huge and writ Trumpish. Who said you need Congressional support to get things done in the good ole USA?

Trump builds his wall by crowdfunding on the Internet. Nothing wrong with this, nothing underhand, and a good way to avoid Congress! Way to go for a vehement tweeter or not? So right on, let’s see some action on this soon! ‘Nuff said.

And for example, just look at The Great Wall of China. There were no Mexicans in China then, and there still aren’t! Way to go, then!