Dear Music Pals (December 2018), And given that I have a large music collection to take care of … Except for some classical guitar work, I haven’t really thought any extra about classical music since I expanded my horizons with it some years ago in one fell swoop, when I was talking about a multi-CD set of classical music, “the darkest pieces of classical music, etc”, actually a set of compilation albums of items of classical music from here and there – all very interesting.

Except that the past few weeks I’ve decided to collect more of work by Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos. He died in 1959 when I was 11, and he wrote about 2000 pieces in total. Go google on wikipedia for Heitor Villa-Lobos, very illuminating.

I find online that Amazon in Australia has no listingfor him.CD
Universe in the USA has some of him, and some of that is imported from Amazon in the USA.My bookseller here, who also does music CDs, has looked in the UK for me and says, pickings are slim. Villa-Lobos is a bit famous, actually, but whether he is or not seems neither here nor there, there could be more of him available online than is, ok. So for the time being I’ll just pursue his symphonies.

And why pursue Villa-Lobos anyway? Well, he’s Brazilian, so he isn’t English, or Australian, or US, or European or Russian, or Italian. He’s Brazilian, and I know little of Brazilian music, and it’s said that Brazil got musically exploratory when it shrugged off European royalty and government style, ahem. So soon I’ll have symphonies by Villa-Lobos, Nos. 1,2,3, 4, 6. I think he wrote about 10 symphonies. He is also very melodic and moves about well.