Hello World! Indeed. And Compliments of the Season to you and Happy New 2019. This is a brand new blog. I’m a poet and will be blogging sometimes on poetry, but also on Australian and other history, news and current affairs, matters of general interest. Let’s see what happens, then …


Dan Byrnes is a poet all his life and by now has been through many phases, including, Australian bush poetry, learning more about high-level poetry from around the world, personal disillusionment, becoming a world citizen, a zen sense of life, and much else. He is the author of The Blackheath Connection (an overview of convict transportation from England to North America, then to Australia, 1718-1810). Webmaster. A sometime writer of letters-to-editor. Now increasingly a blogger. See his domain at…

Links, other, to The Merchant Networks Project (a long-term follow-up to The Blackheath Connection).

Author: Dan Byrnes

Dan Byrnes is an Australian poet, writer, historian, a one-time journalist in Tamworth NSW Australia (or, Country Music Capital, Australia). Born in Sydney in 1948, meaning in late 2018 he is aged 70! He is deeply interested in modern Australian history (since 1788), literature, poetry and music. He had a normal high school education plus several stints at university, ending with a double major in History/Psychology, then with an Honours degree in History. Of late, and as he gets older - in 2019 he will be 71 - he spends time compiling and recompiling old work, adding to this blog, and wondering deeply with the history of Australia since 1788, a relatively new country, which received up to 162,000 convicts from Britain, why there is such apathy to maritime history in general and in particular, such apathy to the question: who owned/insured the convict ships?

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