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This Movies List is highly truncated, but it is not the beaten path of the Hollywood publicity machine either. It is more a search item that points to good or watchable movies that can often come recommended, but some listings are just entered merely on a spec basis (give them a try). Good watching can generally be expected. I happen to collect movies on historical topics, and the list given here is built around this preference. Now read on and enjoy. The list is chronological and will be regularly updated. Dan Byrnes

One million years ago

One Millions Years BC. (A 1996 movie)

Movies on Adam or Eve?

Primeval. ?

10,000BC. (Released in 2008.)

Noah’s Ark. (See the John Huston movie.) Noah, with Russell Crowe. See also a documentary (maybe a offering the in the Australian style of the SBS network?) The Real Noah’s Ark, on a pre-Gilgamesh set of Mesopotamian instructions for a round-built ark – rather like an Irish coracle. An ark of quite a different shape.

Thor. A 2010 movie with Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman.

Wrath of the Titans. Made in 2012.

Underworld. Rise of the Lycans. With Rhona Matra. A 2009 movie.

Secrets of the Dead. The Silver Pharaoh. (Documentary?)

Movie, Joseph and his Brethren. Old movie starring Robert Morley. Fairly bad, quite stagy, on the biblical story re Joseph and his coat of many colours.

Lost Worlds. (Films or documentaries.) Have seen it.

Also, DVD on Immortality: Ancient Glory.

The First Emperor: China’s Entombed Warriors. Have seen it.

Set 1250BC, The Ten Commandments, On Moses etc, classic movie with Charlton Heston.

Exodus, Gods and Kings. (On Moses and the Exodus, quite a different, more modern treatment than the movie with Charlton Heston.

The Bible, a series with Ben Kingsley, three movies, On David, Solomon and Moses.

The Odyssey. TV miniseries on Homer’s famous work. See also a 2014 movie, The Legend of Hercules, with Kellan Lutz.

Troy, movie with Brad Pitt as Achilles the warrior. Have seen it.

Set about year 1000BC. a 1959 movie titled Solomon and Sheba.

Alexander, The Director’s Cut, with Anthony Hopkins. See also a documentary with David Adams, Alexander’s Lost World, (have seen it by August 2014.)

The 300 Spartans. (A very cartoonish movie.) See also 300: Rise of an Empire (a 2014 offering.)

Three Kingdoms. (A Chinese movie.)

Around the time of Jesus …

The Greatest Story Ever Told, a 1965 movie.

The Last Temptation of Christ. See also on the last hours of Jesus, the Mel Gibson movie, The Passion of the Christ.

Mary Magdalene, a movie with Rooney Mar and Joaquin Phoenix. Set at the death of Jesus. A 2018 movie.

Movies on Paul of Tarsus (eg, re his road to Damascus experience.)

The Robe. With Charlton Heston. (Have seen it).

Caligula. (Have seen it.)

I Claudius. A well-done miniseries starring Derek Jacobi. (Have seen it.)

Rome. An excellent miniseries. Only early seasons are extant. The series was truncated as the large set for it, outside Rome in Italy, burned down, a real tragedy in more ways that one.
























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Author: Dan Byrnes

Dan Byrnes is an Australian poet, writer, historian, a one-time journalist in Tamworth NSW Australia (or, Country Music Capital, Australia). Born in Sydney in 1948, meaning in late 2018 he is aged 70! He is deeply interested in modern Australian history (since 1788), literature, poetry and music. He had a normal high school education plus several stints at university, ending with a double major in History/Psychology, then with an Honours degree in History. Of late, and as he gets older - in 2019 he will be 71 - he spends time compiling and recompiling old work, adding to this blog, and wondering deeply with the history of Australia since 1788, a relatively new country, which received up to 162,000 convicts from Britain, why there is such apathy to maritime history in general and in particular, such apathy to the question: who owned/insured the convict ships?

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